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The Plug Pass NFT

The Plug Pass is truly everything you need to succeed in the NFT world. With a limited supply of 1069 passes available for life... Don't Miss Out!

Plug Pass Overview

Ownership of the Plug Pass grants you access to the exclusive Kosher Crew Discord group. In total only 1069 passes will ever exist. There are many benefits of owning a plug pass, from calls with experts to confirmed whitelist access for future projects.

Owning a pass is buying into a community where you are given all the info needed to have success in NFTs & more!

What you get with Plug Pass?

With Plug Pass you get full access to discords analysis and live market updates. This will include video guides walking you through buying NFTs and insight on what projects the team is looking to mint. Best part is you’ll have access to join calls with crypto trading experts and whitelist access for upcoming projects.

Learn Everything You Get

Custom NFT Trading Guide

A perfect step by step trading guide to make NFT Trading simple and profitable.

NFT Expert Calls

Access Expert Calls and the ability to talk 1/1 to professionals for advice & opinions on anything NFT related.

Insider Team Mints

Get early insider details on what the Team is planning to mint and get whitelist access to future mints.

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The Roadmap

#1 - Pre Mint

  • Marketing Begins
  • Whitelist access for members
  • 69 Passes Reserved for Marketing & Team

#2 - Public Mint

  • Passes will now act as a way to vote
  • 50% sold $20k will be given out to 6 holders in the discord (via raffle)
  • Mint price is set at 0.25ETH & the renewal fee is 0.15ETH (price may change depending on ETH price)

#3 - Sold Out

  • 5 members who add the most value in the discord get $1k each for first 6 months
  • $100,000 will be deposited into the community bank for future projects and giveaways
  • Whitelist access for future projects that use the launch pad

#4 - Down The Road

  • Implementing the Kosher Kit Rarity Extension into The Plug Pass
  • Adding more features to the Kosher Kit Extension
  • A Community led NFT project (Passes act as a way to vote)

Plug Pass Included List

  • Discords Analysis & Live Market Updates
  • Custom Guides to Trading NFTs
  • Daily Mint Schedule
  • Insider Team Trades
  • Track Listings & Sales
  • Crypto Trading & NFT Expert Calls
  • Talk to NFT & Crypto Experts 1:1
  • Access Whitelist for Future Projects
  • Free Access to Kosher Kit Chrome Extension
  • Giveaways & Game Nights
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Meet the team

A team completely dedicated to your success

Kosher Plug


Brett Malinowski


Michael Bahu

Project Manager


Chief Technology Officer

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With a Total Supply of 1069 passes don't miss out on the chance to change your life in the NFT space.